38 Bach Flower Remedies

The 38 Bach Flower Remedies

Negative emotional feelings

The remedy

Balance and wellness restored

Suffering hidden by a happy or brave face. Appears jovial; avoidance of problems or arguments


Genuinely cheerful; is good company. Communicates one’s real feelings, inner joy
Sudden or vague fears or unexplainable anxiety and apprehension


Inner peace, security and fearlessness
Constantly making criticisms, intolerant, arrogant, judgmental, sense of superiority



Tolerance and a sense of compassion for and unity with others; accepts others and their faults; understanding
Weak-willed, anxious to please, difficulty saying “NO”; can be dominated by others, timid


Serves willingly and unobtrusively, but without denying one’s own needs
Does not trust own judgment; seeks advice and confirmation from others


Trusts one’s own inner wisdom and intuition; quietly self-assured and decisive
Fear of losing control and sanity. Feel ready to explode, sudden outbursts of rage, abusive and hysterical

Cherry Plumcherrypl

Calm mind and is able to think and act rationally
Failure to learn by experience, leading to an inability to make progress. Keeps making the same mistake

Chestnut Budchestbud

Observes with objectivity and learns from every experience
Overly possessive and whose care for others is self-centered and manipulative


Able to care for others unselfishly, offering genuine maternal love
Lives in a world of one’s own with
no interest in the real world. Finds
it hard to live in the present


Lively interest in the world around, enjoyment of life. Realistic and down to earth
Self-hatred, self-disgust, feeling unclean, contaminated. The cleansing remedy for mind and body

Crab Applecrabappl

Acceptance of oneself and one’s imperfections. Positive self-image
Overwhelmed by responsibility and workload. Momentary loss of confidence


Restoration of one’s normal capable personality; face and accept responsibility, a return to efficiency and self-assurance
Easily discouraged and depressed when things go wrong or when faced with difficulties


Great conviction, perseverance, faith, unaffected by setbacks; no such thing as failure
Hopelessness, despair, defeatism, pessimism, given up the fight


A true sense of faith and hope, despite current physical or mental problems
Preoccupied with one’s own situations and ailments; unable to enter into genuine two-way communication with others


Good listener who is generous in helping others; selfless and understanding of other people’s problems
Bad-tempered, hard-hearted, even cruel and on occasion, violent. Envious, jealous, feelings of hatred


Unconditional love, generous hearted person, able to give without making demands

Honeysuckle is for over-attachment to past memories. People in need of Honeysuckle tend to live in the past, in a state of homesickness or nostalgia. They have regrets but are unable to change present circumstances



 The ability to live in the present, no longer experiencing the past as overpowering, but seeing it as valuable experiences. The sufferer can now move forward in life with no regrets
Weariness, mental rather than physical; for those who wake up doubting their ability to face the
day to come


Certainty of one’s strength and ability to face the day’s work. A lively mind, vitality, freshness and spontaneity are restored
Impatience, irritability, tension, works alone, easily irritated


Patience, gentle, sympathetic to others, relaxed, decisive and spontaneous but less hasty in thought and action
Anticipates failure, lacks confidence, feels inferior, modest


Self-confidence, able to take risks, determined to succeed
Fear of known things, shyness, timidity, sensitive, introverted


Courage to face life’s challenges, able to enjoy life without fear
Deep gloom and depression with no origin or reason, comes and goes out of the blue or grey


Return of joy, supported by an inner stability and peace which cannot be shaken or destroyed under good circumstances or bad
Normally brave, strong and reliable. For those who inner strength wanes and fatigue takes over


Accepts limits, restores energy and helps to recognize the need to look after self
Exhaustion in body and mind after a long strain through personal difficulties


Restoration of strength, vitality and interest in life
Guilt, self reproach, overworks to prove self worth


Self acceptance, fair, balanced attitude towards responsibility
Over-concern and fear or worry for the welfare of others

Red Chestnutredchest

The ability to care for others with compassion but without anxiety
Extreme fear, terror, panic, great fright and emergencies or after a near escape

Rock Roserockrose

Courage and presence of mind; the person who is calm and self-forgetful in emergencies
Rigid self repression, denial of experiences and feelings. Self-dominating to the point of martyrdom

Rock Waterrockwate

The ability to hold high ideals with a flexible mind
Uncertainty, indecision, particularly when faced with a choice of two possibilities


Certainty and decisiveness, with poise and balance and determination
Mental and physical shock, grief and trauma, sudden bad news

Star of Bethlehemstarbeth

Neutralize the effects of the shock, whether immediate or delayed, thus helping the sufferer to recuperate
Agonizing mental anguish, “the hopeless despair of those who feel they have reached the limit of their endurance.”

Sweet Chestnutswchest

Liberation from despair and despondency. Though external circumstances may have not changed, they can now be faced with optimism
Stress and tension, over-bearing, angered by injustice, enthusiastic


 See the good in others and encourage and guide without controlling them.
Dominating, inflexible, ambitious, craves power, overrides others, highly gifted


Selfless service, tolerant, understanding leader, teacher, parent and friend
For those who find it difficult to adapt to change or who are over-sensitive to certain ideas, atmospheres and influences


The ability to move forward and remain steadfast to one’s path in life
Aloof, likes her own space, independent, self sufficiency, go their on way, withdrawn

Water violetwatervio

A warmer relationship with others, while maintaining one’s wisdom and dignity
Mental arguments, unwanted thoughts, chattering mind

White Chestnutwhiteche

Inner calm and quiet, clear mind, controlled thoughts
Uncertainty, unable to choose path in life and career

Wild Oatwildoat

Ambitions fulfilled, definite ambitions, talents expressed
Resignation, Apathy, drifting, surrender to all experiences

Wild Rosewildrose

Ambitious, purposeful, will to live, joy, vitality, lively
Resentment, bitterness, problems blamed on everyone else


Allows people to forgive and forget past injustices and enjoy life, thereby attracting positive conditions and friends
Use Rescue Remedy in emergencies; crisis; bad news; family emergencies; bereavement; shock; trauma; fears; anxieties; panic; fear; confusion

Rescue Remedy
Contains Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose

Helps you face difficult situations in a better frame of mind.

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