Testimonials & Comments

Testimonials & Comments

” Each herb corresponds with one of the qualities, and its purpose is to strengthen that quality so that the personality may rise above the fault that is the particular stumbling block.” Dr. Edward Bach
 Level One BIEP October, 2017

Very good program. Loved the Flip chart. Erika, Idaho

Good presentation, good exercises, good program with much information to make it work for me, thank you, Theodora, Chicago

Very nice class. I learned alot, thank you John, Marcela, Seattle

Level One BIEP, June 2017 Students from The National University of Natural Medicine.

I particularly found the Exercises and the discussion of all the 38 remedies very useful. The hand written notes on flip Chart were Great! Kat, ND student representative

I thought the program was Great! Susan, ND student

Very informative, practical and helpful program. Sonam, ND student

A very good program. Naomi, ND student

 Level One BIEP, October 2016


  1. Shannon Pernetti
    Shannon Pernetti – Independent Mental Health Care Professional

    I think you will find John an excellent practitioner. He has helped many, many people. June 2012

    Stefanie Dwyer
    Stefanie Dwyer – Stefanie’s Bowenwork and Massage Therapy

    John is an expert in his field. He has great knowledge of the Bach flower remedies and a huge passion to help people get well. I can highly recommend him. March 14, 2012, Stefanie is a client of JOHN

    Michael Duncan
    Michael Duncan – Pastor, bible-commentator on Alive in Christ Radio, Christian conference speaker and author of “From Vision to Victory”

    I have known John for several years and can attest to his character. He is an honest business man and is very knowledgeable about his products. He is motivated to help others and will work hard to provide the highest level of service to his clients. I highly recommend him. March 13, 2012

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