Women’s Health

Women’s healthrushing river

A positive approach supporting Women’s health issues, especially Menopause and PMS. Restore emotional balance and well-being. Discover the gentle, healing benefits of Bach Original Flower Remedies.

Menopause Facts:

  • 25% of women do not have any problems with menopause and manage the transition without assistance
  • 50% of women experience some menopausal symptoms, varying from mild to moderate
  • 25% of women have more severe problems


  • Experience which flowers help you can ease through daily life situations and interactions.
  • Regain balance and get help during any major milestone
  • Return to your calm and peace if you find you are easily agitated
  • Get rid those feelings of loss of control, resentment and irritability
  • Balance emotional changes due to hormonal fluctuation
  • Bach Flower Remedies are an all-natural way to help while experiencing:
  • PMS – pre-menstrual Syndrome
  • Adjustment to change due to physical changes
  • Mood changes that accompany PMS
  • Feeling as if you may lose control
  • Resentment of the monthly changes and inconveniences

Experience the positive effects of the flower remedies. Feel the ease and empowerment of the remedies as you go through the different stages of life.